Artist Statement

My concept is “Odd Things.” I want my audience to feel odd pleasures that include excitement, astonishment and impact when they see my artwork. I create odd, creepy and grotesque things. There are two reasons I create odd, creepy and grotesque things. One is my past and second is my favorite horror movie, Alien.

My work reflects creepy and grotesque aspects because I am attracted by the underground world. When I was in elementary school, my friends ignored and bullied me. Consequently, I stayed indoors and I was watching a lot of supernatural television shows and movies. They helped me escape from reality and gave me power. They showed me the magic that turned villains into creepy animals or insects. The villains fascinated me after they changed. If I had a supernatural power, I would turn my friends into creepy things. This inspired me to make work that reflected the images that I saw in television shows and movies.

One movie truly influenced the style of my art. I watched the movie, Alien, when I was young. Before I watched the movie, I pictured aliens having big heads and eyes with a skinny body. However, this movie showed me a new take on aliens. They combined biological forms with mechanical forms. I saw a beauty in the physical appearance of the alien, but also the portrayal of its strength and freewill. This movie showed me that I could discover and create my own style, so I began to think more original.

I create creepy and grotesque things that are based on my concept of “Odd Things.”I want to people to feel an odd pleasure like when watching horror movies. My past and the movie Alien had much to do with my style of work. Without these two reasons, I could not make my work. I hope to make more odd things in the future.

Erika Sanada

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